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The Indigo Chorus

The Indigo Chorus OMA through Frankie Z Avery

Okay, OMA. The year 2011: What kind of a year will it be? Well, we shall have a go at putting predictions sweetly, and if our words encourage you to speak up and act on truths you verify, we urge you to stay in integrity and come from your heart rather than from fear. Now let us get a little more esoteric in relaying what we see for the new year. The year 2011 will be a time of bringing back into balance and harmony those aspects of the world that have moved into chaos, dishonesty, and destruction. This is the year for what is out of balance to break and be fixed. One cheerful aspect in this is that the voices of the Indigo children will be heard clearly.

The first major sequences of events occurring in the coming year will be significant weather and Earth changes. These will make people and corporations ever more mindful of taking care of this beautiful satellite you call home. A very harsh winter will occur any place where winter can get harsh. Winter is going to be hard enough in most areas to stress old structures. As we have said, that which is unbalanced will be balanced and that which has been ill-kept will crumble. Because of this, your country is going to have to focus its attention on infrastructure as opposed to making war—and that is wonderful.