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Hidden Secrets Are about to Be Revealed

Hidden Secrets Are about to Be Revealed Master Kuthumi through Rae Chandran

Beloved beings of light, this is Master Kuthumi. As the time fast approaches for the grand moment that has been prophesied for a long time, are you all prepared? Have you all been working to clear and heal yourselves? Have you been monitoring your thought processes, your words, your actions in your daily life? These are the ways you express your life, and these are clear indications about your spiritual progress. Have you been creating from the new you or the old, worn-out you? Have you taken stock of your life and where you are going? These questions will become important, as you will be given more and more opportunities to define yourself in the coming months and years.

Now to the question of what is in store for the year 2011. Well, many grand things are prophesied. The grandest thing is about the unmistakable urge in human beings to be true to themselves and know themselves. This urge to know oneself will become intense in a large number of people, and they will be looking for teachings and healing modalities in books, on the Internet, and from all kinds of teachers—plants, trees, animals, human beings, ascended masters, and others. You can become a teacher to this awakening humanity by the life you are living, for the life you are living is the messages you are giving out. So be aware of what kinds of message you are giving out daily. Are your messages based on love or fear? Are they coming from the survival consciousness of collective humanity or from within you? This is a question you can ponder and come up with your own explanations.