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Escaping the Quantified Life

Escaping the Quantified Life Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

And good day, dear ones! We are here to serve and aid you. Now and continuing into 2011, in this climate of economic uncertainty all over the globe and especially in the United States, quantification runs rampantly through the media and hence enters individual consciousness. Quantification is just one element of perception—labeling through counting and identifying, more or less.

Just start to notice in language, first of all in other people and then in yourself, how often things are labeled and spoken about in terms of "more or less." You will likely find that you are constantly speaking in those terms. What you may want to consider is how you personally tend to look at yourself and your life in terms of how much you have and how much you don't have. How often does that come up? How many times do you choose to do something or not based on whether you have enough money or time for it? And how real is that?