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Earth History Predictions for 2011

Earth History Predictions for 2011 The Eloheim Beings through Lily Jones

During my psychic work and classes, three long, tall, silvery beings have quietly appeared as observers many times in the back of the room. They always seem to show up together as three. At no time have they ever felt threatening, only creating a sense of awe that has given me a true knowing I was in the presence of highly evolved intelligence.

After consulting with other respected experts, I feel we have identified these particular three benevolent extraterrestrial friends as the Eloheim. I personally am not any sort of expert on other ET races, yet I have worked with many higher intelligences, and I have encountered them performing guide work for others and me in a positive manner. They have recently informed me that their presence is actually a form of long-distance projected hologram, not a physical one, and that while they are strictly prohibited from physically interfering, they are permitted to give advice when we ask them.