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On the Cusp of a New Age

On the Cusp of a New Age Gaia through Pepper Lewis

And so we begin. As always, I greet you warmly, dearly, and completely—so that no part of you is left behind, so that no part of you is unacknowledged. The moment becomes complete when you place yourself completely in the moment. Therefore let us create a moment in which we can share a greater truth rather than a lesser truth, in which we can share a greater moment, and perhaps a greater year, as it unfolds before you.

To begin the year, it would be best to describe the environment in which you will find yourself. This environment includes your physical surroundings, your community life, all of the ways in which you offer yourselves in your life, and even the direction or the focus of your life. The year 2011, then, is a year that will go very quickly. It is hoped that it will go very lightly for you, but in order for that to be the case, you will want to pay attention. You will not want to think, "Hmm. Ho hum. This is a year as any other," for I tell you that already you begin to enter the next age. The moment the clock strikes January 1 of 2011, you will already think that it is 2012.