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Chaos Fades, Creativity Flourishes in 2011

Chaos Fades, Creativity Flourishes in 2011 Sarrinn with the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

Welcome, lightworkers! The year 2011 is so close to that momentous focus of so many humans—2012. And we, the Ancients, are deeply delighted with the unification of mass consciousness being created by this astronomical event and also amused that so many believe that—in a world where time is an illusion—this date is the answer, the hope, and the way. Yes, the luminous intent of mass consciousness will cause this time to be outrageously important, wonderful, and transformational. But all the energies of enlightenment and ascension are available just as powerfully today—so why wait? Having said that, we have been asked by the channel to connect with the probabilities and possibilities that represent the flow of energies throughout 2011. We have found several and will organize them into twelve spiritual themes that, when held with your luminous intent during the appropriate alignments of resonance, will help you to enhance and bless your lives throughout this glorious year of creativity.