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Ascending Your True Self in the Coming Days

Ascending Your True Self in the Coming Days The Lullites through Vera Nadine Boinn

You as humans are becoming more conscious, not just of your spirits, but of your connection to all life, all creation. You are becoming more conscious of the power that you hold over your own reality. You are becoming more conscious of how your behaviors positively or negatively affect your surroundings, your inner feelings, your relationships, and the future that you will manifest. Modern humans have been floating rather carelessly through the space in which you exist. Humanity has been, some might say, acting the role of parasite on the body of Mother Earth. But this is a rather dour viewpoint to hold.

What we can see is that you have actually been safely coexisting, taking the nutrients offered and using what you deem valuable. Humanity has in fact been floating in the womb, but you cannot stay in the womb forever. Eventually, it ceases to provide what you need. And toward the end, you may begin to foul it. Then it is a matter of health and benefit, to both the babe and the mother, that you should be expelled, released, and set free. You enter a new phase of existence. You begin to see many things that you were never aware of. You begin to have deeper perception and new senses. The reality, in fact, shifts and you realize that while you can still be dependent on the mother for many things, there are some things that you will simply have to begin taking responsibility for on your own.