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Approach and Ascent

Approach and Ascent The group through Steve Rother

The year 2011 is a turning point for humanity in several ways. The three years of 2010, 2011, and 2012 will determine the trajectory of humanity into the new energy. The wave created on Earth from the celebration of the 10-10-10 was more than anticipated, and as a result, once again everything is being moved forward and more is possible.

To recap our original statement, we likened these three years to an airplane in flight. The goal of the first year was to achieve a proper alignment with the runway. The second year is the approach and decent—in our case, ascent—and the third year is touchdown followed by what was to be years of acclimation. Those years of acclimation are rapidly diminishing as humanity continues to overshoot even your own estimates of vibrational growth. So before proceeding with the overview for the next year, it is very important to recognize how far you have moved in such a short time. When you hold hands, you create miracles. Nice work.