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Allowing Perception without Judgment Moves You to 3.56!

Allowing Perception without Judgment Moves You to 3.56! Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

What it is time for you to hear now is that because of your change of motion from one path or timeline to another, you are experiencing a shift globally—a shift of perception. Perception allows you to gravitate in this case to seeing more than you have seen before. For most of you, this involves a reacquisition of your spiritual abilities—and by spiritual, I mean your own capacities to see more, to do more, and to be more.

For those of you who are seeing, for example—a typical thing these days—unexpected lights out of the corners of your eyes or even in front of you, a quick twinkle of something, this always has to do with spirit that is always present, almost always benevolent. So your sense of time now is bending, like the curve as generally interpreted in Einstein's famous theorem. Time is a curve; it is not a straight line, though it appears to be a straight line.