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The 11:11:11 Gateways of 2011

The 11:11:11 Gateways of 2011 The Star Walkers through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Within the void of time and space, there are those who move from reality to reality through zero point, where matter and antimatter coexist. It is the place where positive and negative life forms collide, destroying and creating anew. It is a place of awakening and a place of forgetfulness. It is the beginning and the end the alpha and the omega. It is home to the creational forces, those who bend and shape realities with sound, light, intention, and color.

The ancient texts have always insisted humanity was destined to "become as gods." According to ancient Earth legends, such beings are to return at the beginning and end of each time cycle. The calendar in stone in the Great Pyramid tells of the galactic initiation phoenix cycle of rebirth seven times seven, set to end in 2012. The truths written by the ancients imply that Earth was meant to evolve beyond its present limited form. The Egyptians of old once told of the Star Walkers, those who traveled beyond the great eye of Orion and returned to walk like gods among men.