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Your Path Is Laden with Adventures

Your Path Is Laden with Adventures The Wings of Love through Thelma Bodnar

Energy, discovery, frequency, downloads, tragedy, change — so goes your life with so many twists and turns as you maneuver many challenges and try to remain upright. Breathe in and out a few times and relax. Let it all go, draining the inflammation from the body, mind, spirit, and emotions down through your body and deep into Mother Earth. You are okay, and if you are not right in this minute, you will be in the next minute or two.

Visualize the cleansing of all that has bogged you down, all that has filtered into your organs and cells. Forget the reasons or causes. Concentrate on the elimination of it all, including the sack on your back, filled with past regrets that have been weighing on you for far too long. Your “should haves” and “would haves” are all in disarray. You have permission to release them all. Stomp them into the ground. Rise up and start anew.