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Work in Harmony with the Energies

Work in Harmony with the Energies Donna Taylor

We often associate August with the long, lazy days of summer, which is a time to relax and mooch about a bit, but it might not be easy to feel languid this August, as the energies are for the most part either dynamic or abrasive. There are, of course, always lessons and opportunities contained within the more difficult transits, and if we can align ourselves with them, there’s no reason why we can’t find things to enjoy about this month. It all begins with a conjunction between Mars and Uranus. This is not a restful or peaceful combination, but all planets have their uses, and this particular combination is one that, when channeled correctly, can have a big impact.

If you desire to make a change that will lead toward a new direction or if you channel a lot of energy into a project, you will be working in harmony with the energies. If you feel rebellious and kick back against authority or you succumb to irritability and outbursts, take this as an indication that the energies have you behaving slightly off-kilter. You might need to find a better way to express this powerful energy. If you don’t, by the time the full moon rolls around on August 12, things could come to a head.