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A Time of Contradictions and Confusion

A Time of Contradictions and Confusion Lynn Buess

This month is full of contradictions, confusion, and global misunderstandings. The puppets out front have lied so many times that they cannot remember their lies or lines very well anymore. The glaring mistakes reach a humorous level although the situation is grave. Out of the humor, outrage, and uproar, the masses start to get a grasp of what has been going on that has previously gone unnoticed.

Portals are popping and angels are hopping, as it becomes more popularly known that we are visited from beyond and above. A growing desire for healing stirs imagination, innovation, and creation, as the year is an outburst of new technologies and old traditions coming back to life. More of the masses sense the transformation of growth emerging and are attracted to programs of personal growth and spiritual activation. What was once called paranormal merges with the activities of daily life.