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Sustain Your Truth

Sustain Your Truth Kira Raa

August 2022 is a month that can quickly and easily take your breath away for all too many reasons. What is most notable is that we will all return to where we began. We dive into this moment knowing that balance is the key and feeling the energy of momentum as the lion’s gate amplification quickly brings the reminder of our eternal presence forward.

The bounty of this month can be daunting. The full moon arises with a reminder that truth is truth, period. You cannot hide forever, and the choice is whether to say yes to your truth without hesitancy. It is the infinite presence in August as the 1 reunifies with the masterysoul essence, inviting the leap of self-trust into the upward spiral of ascended presence. This is the place where the cross of perfect balance holds the law of instantaneous manifestation for you to command.