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Strength Grounded

Strength Grounded Red Eagle through Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision I see is a tall ponderosa pine tree reaching up to the heavens. Emerging from the tree, Red Eagle appears and opens his hands to each of you, and a sparkling light emits from his hands that he offers as a gift. He invites you to breathe in the light to your heart, throat, crown, and wherever else you need support this day.

He asks you now to walk with him along the forest path and feel the earth beneath your feet. You notice the wind in your hair as the wind activates the trees in the forest, and you feel the cleansing breeze. Your gaze turns upward, and you see an eagle soaring high above on the air currents, calling out to you below. Red Eagle calls to the beautiful raptor and reminds us to see our world from the higher vantage point, the eagle’s perspective.