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Shift to a Galactic Consciousness

Shift to a Galactic Consciousness Telos through Kenton David Bell

We are Telos. We are a multidimensional energy that consists of many consciousnesses braided together as one unified being of consciousness. We come through the Central Sun. That is the most approximate location and origin we can share with you at this time that is understandable to humankind. We are here for this time of great change. We are a galactic being — a galactic consciousness — that has the ability to see the larger picture and help hold the space and intention through the divine matrix of this great, monumental change that Earth and its inhabitants are now moving through very powerfully.

We are here at the end of one old program and the beginning of a new program. We work in conjunction with the House of Christ and Lord Archangel Michael, and we are hosted by these energies in your local universe. Our main function in these transition times is to relate to you through galactic measurements and from a galactic consciousness.