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Seeking Our Highest Purpose: Honoring a Suicide Victim

Seeking Our Highest Purpose: Honoring a Suicide Victim Heather Robb

Max died this week; he chose to end his life and release his family and himself from deep emotional suffering. He had chronic depression for many years, and while he fought each bout with hope for a better life and recovered, the depression returned later to consume him once more.

Months ago, Max came to see me for a reading. He wanted to try to understand why he was so depressed, for while there were tenable reasons that he could accept, he felt there was a cause so deep that he was unable to touch it. In the meantime, he followed his passion to help others and studied Reiki, reflexology, Bowen therapy, and other forms of vibrational healing. His practice was well supported, and as he sought answers, he also used his compassion and understanding to aid others. Yet the depression continued, so we sought a solution for the cause.