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The Secret Wisdom of Animals

The Secret Wisdom of Animals Kim Malonie

Lori: I love connecting with the animal, devic, and plant kingdoms as we are all the oneness of the Creator. I noticed late last fall that a black squirrel was losing fur. Many during the winter lose fur from mange; however, this one was losing fur in the fall. In January, a lot of fur was missing, and I became concerned for this squirrel, as the snow was falling and the temperatures were dropping.

Then one weekend we had another couple of inches of snow, and the night temperatures fell more. I noticed this squirrel was at my back stairs in the early morning asking for peanuts, and I could tell by its energy and movements that it was affected, of course, by the cold. I gave it a peanut, and it took it a few steps away into the garden. I didn’t see it for the remainder of the day.