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The Key of Metatron

The Key of Metatron Metatron through Judith K. Moore

When creation is in metamorphosis, there is change on all levels, dimensions, and realms of the archetypal forces that manifest in material reality. There must be a flow from the Source of all oneness that creates a cohesion of energy and harmonics in the multi-plane to activate the force and power that is necessary for a reality shift. For this force to enter manifestation, there must be clear channels of consciousness flowing through the dimensions and realms to enter through the heart resonance with the force of Metatron. This is called the key of Metatron.

The purpose of this experience is to attune your vibration to the key of Metatron. To do this, you must be grounded and focused on the heart of Metatron within your consciousness. Open through the eternal mirror of the soul to totality: the layers, the dimensions, and the realms of existence through the illumination of the mirror of Mary Magdalene, the mirror of the soul.