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Conversations with Kuthumi: A Letter to Lightworkers

Conversations with Kuthumi: A Letter to Lightworkers Ascended Master Kuthumi and Celestial Companions through Chanel Lingenfelder

Dear ones, as you enter through the portal of the lifegiving force field kicking and screaming (as it is very traumatic to be birthed here), you take on an intended divine imprint of authenticity that is programmed by several subtemplates. First, there is the template of soulspirit decisions, which are pointers that indicate your pre-projected route, from arrival right through to exit opportunities. This is overlaid by your template of influence, which includes nudges from your guides, synchronicity, and your intuition. Then there is the all-important map of the point of entry with your choice of life circumstances to be birthed into, including your astrological map.

Next, you have the imprint of effects that you previously left behind that are still in progress, which include your biological imprint from your parents, grandparents, and so on, all of which affects your DNA along with the unfinished issues from past incarnations. Then the template of the personality self is set to both challenge and support you in every way imaginable by means of modifying and rescripting yourselves, using hurdles and obstacles as well as gifts and talents to refine and redefine your authenticity.