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Breathe Wholeness into the Past

Breathe Wholeness into the Past Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, my dears! I am Teacher, and I have come forth to have a little chat with you. Why? I would like to see you recognize a choice, a choice for how you will experience the difficulties as well as the pleasures of your lifely journey on Earth during these times of great change and perhaps challenges. You see, my dears, the past has a way of delivering those frequencies that tend to hold you within them. Now why would that be happening?

You might have decided that you are complete with certain memories, certain cause and effects that occurred in the past, yet, yes, they come around every once in a while to not only tap you on the shoulder but also to hold you within them. Why? Perhaps a better question is, how can we together change that experience? So now you know what this chat is all about.