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Beyond Human Psychology

Beyond Human Psychology The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Light masters, you have activated the lightbody neuralsensor networks for all the lightbody systems that you brought with you from the meta-light universes when you were born. You have blended your experiences in this local universe with your growing essence-light fusion; it now transmits and illuminates new potentials for humanity simultaneously.

This allows your soul’s lightbody fusion to re-essence any old, biological neurotransmitter functions and psychological identity as a limited, wounded human. This negative identity, or altered/distorted egocoded DNA-mind-emotion biology, had overshadowed the essence heart light to transmit and illuminate as a divine being or essence human and did not just live as a carbon-shelled human. Your heart light has corrected and upgraded this code back into the divine human you always were in your light-sphere vessel, where dormant gifts grown though your essence await. This re-essenced heart acting as a light womb has remade the soul’s vessel to contain unlimited quantum-density consciousness and energy for your unique soul creations.