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Accept the Cosmic Flow of Change

Accept the Cosmic Flow of Change Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

A cosmic bell will sound on August 1, 2022, signaling the powerful culmination of energies that will activate the descent of the Divine Feminine powers of intuition, community, life affirmation, and love into all within the cosmos regardless of gender orientation on this ancient celebration day of old, Lammas. This coincides with the influx of cosmic equinox wisdom and energies as the portals between time, space, and dimensions of the past, present, and future open. This brings hope, vision, and truth to those open to receive in balanced reciprocity.

Those resistant and unaccepting of the cosmic flow of change may respond in a variety of ways, including departing the physical plane through the many pathways now available for those unable or unwilling to expand beyond their old frameworks, beliefs, and ways of being. The potential for a variety of large group departures is high, facilitated by the other kingdoms as the attunement of Earth’s energies aligns even more with that of the cosmos. These may manifest as Earth changes or dramatic shifts in political, economic, or social quakes in all manner of frameworks and structures worldwide. Greater forces than those on Earth orchestrate this cosmic shift.