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You Are the Light

You Are the Light The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

Divine ones, you are called to be the presence of oneness as souls of light in living bodies. The time of liberation is at hand. As free-will beings, you may choose oneness as a way of being. You are not separate from the source of your light; you are the light. The illusion of separation confuses many people due to a fear agenda and manipulation of information to create this confusion. When you open your heart to the truth of oneness, you dispel illusions and send clear streams of light into the world.

The collective releases stagnant energy buried deep in the collective unconscious. This is the energy of hidden fears and shadows that have affected the human capacity to commune with the spirit of Divine Oneness: All That Is. You are invited to look into the mirror of truth and discover how the illusions have affected you on an energetic level. This is the true ascension work. Heal your soul’s wounds and experience yourself as an instrument of love and light. As you clear your field from the illusion of separation, you are able to send light into collective reality to clear the holographic field of material existence that holds areas of consciousness in low vibrations.