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The State of Earth and Humanity

The State of Earth and Humanity Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, allow us to give you a brief overview of the current state of humanity and Earth from our perspective. Imagine that you are viewing your planet with our visual capabilities from one of the great light cities high above Earth. We see the greatest and most minuscule solid forms and structures, but we also sense the vibrational patterns and colors that radiate from every animate and inanimate object on Earth.

We constantly observe and monitor the changing patterns within the earth, oceans, atmosphere, and Earth’s auric field, as well as the activities of your Sun and the elements of nature. We see the areas, both large and small, that are beginning to radiate brighter, harmonious colors and vibrations of the archetypal planes of consciousness of the fifth dimension and the new divine blueprint for the Age of Aquarius. These places are firmly anchoring the radiant gifts of love-light from the celestial cities of light and will eventually be the sacred sites of the future