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Seek Beyond What You See

Seek Beyond What You See Inspired Guidance through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We are at a crossroads, energetically and physically. We can allow life and others to crucify us, or we can follow Dolly Parton’s wise advice: “Get down off the cross, Honey. Somebody needs the wood.” There is no high road or low road, just the road the soul is destined to walk. This is made brilliantly clear as the solar light of summer intensifies, accentuating every dirty little corner of our lives. Which Maker do we answer to? Which love do we bow to?

There is no good guy or bad guy; there just is. Everyone is a little sensitive, a little testy, and a lot distracted, but we are mostly befuddled and ambiguous. We seek the council of our lights and souls, but all we see is haze. Our moods and thoughts change like the weather. We do not feel that we fit in our skin or in life. We look at those we love and wonder what happened. What went wrong?