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See Beyond the Myth

See Beyond the Myth The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

Human existence is at war on the many levels of the psyche — in other words with itself — because everything a person sees and experiences with the mind and human senses is a distortion of what is truly there. The five senses are controlled by the human mind, which has been programed by the personal ego according to a person’s experiences. This gives the mind data to create a conceptualized version of the self and a conceptualized version of the world. In doing so, in some ways, they become better equipped and more able to form a human self-image with which to live and learn about life.

Fortunately, an unfolding universal wisdom is having an effect on your collective mass consciousness. It allows you to see through the fear-based thinking that can block and hinder conscious awareness from evolving beyond the false views of life that can form because of the ego’s misperceptions of experiences.