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Responsibility Cosmic Light Collective through Ilona Anne Hress

All life on this planet is exploring what it means to live on Earth. Each species of nature and the planet itself have evolutionary trajectories put in motion by their creation. In respecting the experiences of all who dwell here, the Cosmic Light Collective seeks to access the highest and best evolutionary trajectories for every life form and then provide the support required for success.

The difficulty with humanity’s exploration of existence on Earth lies in its great capacity to devastate the planet. Humans express wanton disregard for all aspects of life to explore themselves. Indeed, that wanton disregard is the definition of violence — the defilement of the purity of life force by those incapable of recognizing the sanctity of what they try to obliterate. To be responsible, you must respectfully appreciate life as it explores its existence and comprehend the best possible way to support every life form as it discovers more of itself and thrives.