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Pendulums for All

Pendulums for All Dean Fraser

Dowsing is an incredibly efficient way to nurture, trust, and develop a direct link to our intuition. Once we learn to trust our intuition, life takes on a whole new meaning and gets interesting in many ways, as you will discover. Ensure that your dowsing is pure and real from day one by using the following exercise.

A pendulum works by responding in movements to specific questions we ask. There are three possible movements. The given answer will always be “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.” Every time we ask any kind of question, the pendulum moves in one of these three ways, and we arrive at our answer. The specific direction a pendulum moves in answer to a question varies from person to person. There is no right or wrong. Movements can include clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, forward and backward swinging, side-to-side swinging, diagonal swinging, or even ovoid rotation.