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Open Your DNA Codes to Ascension

Open Your DNA Codes to Ascension P’Taah through Marcela

I am P’taah, an ascended master in the Pleiadian Council. I have been guiding and counseling starseeds since the time of ancient Egypt after the great deluge and the reestablishment of humanity on Earth after the fall of Atlantis. Humans were in a crisis after Atlantis fell, and I, along with other masters and teachers of higher consciousness and from higher dimensions, guided humanity back toward spirituality and source energy.

I am here again as the new dawn rises and as Earth enters the Aquarian Age, to assist starseeds and empaths to navigate these troubled times. I am here to assist you beyond comforting words. There has been a shift toward higher spiritual awareness since December 22, 2012, and we believe there is hope for change. More starseeds are awakening to their missions and to the ways in which they can help themselves and their brothers and sisters heal.