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Manifestation through New Potentials and Awareness

Manifestation through New Potentials and Awareness The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Embodied life masters, experiencing new heart potentials is the fulfillment of creational evolution. Let’s review the energy dynamics of arising potentials and how new ones come to be. Energy potential life masters, your heart economy awareness equals direct manifestation of joy, creativity, expression, or materiality. However, these imprints might first appear in your awareness as symbols, codes, images, or metaphors until they are simultaneous.

Here, awareness means instant manifestation. Your divine-human light vessel avails your heart’s biosphere open access to streaming consciousness throughout the cosmos. As energy communication life masters, you now know that the soul of creation exists in one moment of awareness inside your experiential trans-sense potentials and inside your heart chamber’s creation. This is because you fully embodied the gift and natural right to exist in your consciousness and your soul’s unique love. That is real success, real joy, real fulfillment, and real organic bio-life.