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The Essence of Eternal Joy

The Essence of Eternal Joy Gautama Buddha through David Christopher Lewis

As your Gautama, I bring you peace — the peace of presence and of the present moment in which you choose your bliss, which is your beingness within the divine essence. As you live within this eternal presence and manifest your light essence as the real you in vibration and resonance with the All, I breathe through you, emanate through you, and participate with you in the alchemy of a life lived in perfection and joy in the radiance of the Sun presence of truth, honor, integrity, and joy.

What is Buddha nature? It is the essence of eternal, God-given and God-receptive joy. Buddha nature is your true nature as one with the All. Your Buddha essence is the is-ness and suchness of you as a self-realized spirit one with the All, Holy Spirit, or Great Spirit that permeates the cosmos with the All-Buddha essence of life.