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Crossroads of Deeper Perception

Crossroads of Deeper Perception Angel Ariel through Adria Estribou

Your sovereignty and will or desire to move forward in life with the greatest integrity of your soul is quite important. How you are, how you are not, and who you are have large influences on those around you and on how your soul moves forward step by step in this life. The integrity of your choice and of your soul’s learning are also quite important.

If you turn a blind eye to things that you wish you could not see, that’s one point in the crossroads. One crossroad has to do with what is visible and what is truth. What do you see? What you see is what is important. If you see something and you don’t like it, whether in your personal life or on a global scale, you might set up an ostrich-type pattern for society as a whole. This is trickier to see on a global scale, because you have no verifiable proof, and it is easier to observe changes in your life, in your neighbors’ and friends’ lives, in your town, and so on.