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The Ancient Tradition of Oil Essences

The Ancient Tradition of Oil Essences Heather Robb

For many years, I have been called to make flower and gem essences in sync with our global healing, and I have found that each one is sacred and powerful. During these times of the new light, I began to wonder what else I could do or make to aid the process for other people and for Earth. One day in a vision I was shown oils in an ancient temple. I was aware that the energy they gave off rippled out and flooded that sacred space and then reached out to unite with infinity. I watched the priests kneel before the oils, adding a drop to their ajna, and it seemed the oils flooded their beings as a great ocean tide.

As I came out of the vision, I asked whether it is possible to make crystal essences using oils in our now time. Could I duplicate what I saw in the vision? I mix aromatherapy oils with my essences in combinations that hold the energy I need. Would these oils be more powerful? Normally when I make a gem essence, I add crystals to a bowl of pure water. It did not feel right to add the crystals to the oil. I let my inner guidance lead the way and allowed the process to unfold. A meditation gave me the following information.