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What Is the Lesson of Fear?

What Is the Lesson of Fear? Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

There is no lesson of fear. It is imaginary. It is all in your mind. Relax the mind’s hold on your heart. Is it even possible to have fear in your heart? No. It is a mind game. How far have you come in the game of fear? You have come to the endgame of fear; that is how far you have come. Rest now in your hearts. Live from your hearts. You can survive all the workings of an out-of-control mind and world only if you focus from your hearts. Go into the heart, follow the yellow brick road into your sweet spot, where you know all is in divine order. I know you know it. Feel it. Rest there for a while. Rest there forever.

You Are Safe
The chaos of the past few months can’t be comprehended from the mind. You must follow the yellow brick road deep into your heart space where everything is all right. Divine purpose is staring you in the face and saying, “Why are you listening to your mind and to all the mind-control tactics of world governments? Can you not see the purpose of fear? Have we come so far from this place only to be pulled into it again? This is mind babble. You recognize it.

Where is your focus? Your heart is calling you back, and it is easy to know, feel, and be the divine love when you flow from your heart. Follow your heart, for it is the only leader in the fifth and sixth dimensions where you sit now. The fifth dimension is love, and the sixth dimension is oneness. Can you see you are sitting safely between love and the divine oneness of All That Is?