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Welcome Freedom

Welcome Freedom Jesus through Tina Louise Spalding

You are blessed beings, indeed! I am that one you know as Jesus, and we are very pleased that you have all decided to join us today. You are here because you are curious. You are here because you are worried, perhaps, or because you want to challenge this channeling business. We want you to know that we are only disseminators of information. We are disseminators of information; you have free will. You all are sacred beings made in the image of God. What does that mean? It means you are creative. It means you are powerful. It means you have the free will to decide the kind of experience you would like to have on this journey in your current incarnation.

This journey, this current incarnation, is a challenging one for everyone on Earth. Why is this? Well, it is what we call the end of a spiritual season. It is a grand ending to a great phase of evolution that you have heretofore been uneducated about. In your education systems, you are constantly drawn to the material world. You are drawn to money. You are drawn to jobs. You are drawn to the physical world as the creator of everything. We want you to understand, as the powerful creators that you are, that the physical world is the result of your creative powers. The world is not creative in and of itself. Those beings made in the image of God — humans — are the creators of this experience.

You are all having a collective experience that is the result of thousands, millions, or even billions of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and emotions manifesting into what you see as physical reality today. The world did not get this way by accident. It is what we call the ego’s playground. It is where all your fears, limiting beliefs, and ideas manifest so that you can see them. Why? It’s because you are unaware of them. You are mostly unaware of your fears, limiting beliefs, and resentments. You are going through life with a social face, and this is the person you present at your place of employment and to your family. But seething (we use this word intentionally) beneath the social face that you present are all your fears, resentments, angers, repressions, and self-controlled aspects. All those things are still creative. They generate thoughts, and if you believe those thoughts, they generate behaviors; so it is from your beliefs that your behaviors come.