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Transformation of Life on Earth

Transformation of Life on Earth Goddess Tara through Karinna Nielsen

The time comes now for great changes on Earth. The way things are done, the way you feel about each other, and the structure of society — everything will change, because it must. Transformation is about a new form, a new way, and something completely different from before. This is what you are going through now: a transformation of life on Earth. Many will seek to hold on to the old ways of doing things and the old ways of being, but you have been through too much to go back. The way is forward now, and love is the way.

Hold a vision in your heart of peace, abundant health, and prosperity for Mother Earth and all of you upon her. In holding a loving vision for this planet, you are creating the New Earth. Holding the intention for living life in love is where it begins. It is as a seed you plant in your mind that grows into a huge mother tree that joins all on Earth through her root system.

The New Earth is seeded now with your compassion, your kind gestures for others, and your vision of a better world on Earth. Now is the time to connect through meditation, feel the love, and send blessings to all. Keep your thoughts centered in love. You are all the light of Creation. Please always remember that.