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There Is No Going Back

There Is No Going Back The Divine through Sara Wiseman

When you begin a journey, sometimes you know where you’re going and other times you don’t. Sometimes your destination is not clear to you. Yet, even as you travel along your path, you are aware that you are moving through time and space and experiences and emotions. At a certain point in your journey, you realize that you’ve passed the halfway mark. Even if you aren’t sure where you’re going, you can tell you’re more than halfway there.

This is where you are now. You are through the most of it and the worst of it. The rest of the journey is before you, but you are through the most and the worst. The darkest hours are behind you, and we, of course, mean You as the collective.

What you have done is exactly right. You have established the collective soul, which is God/One/All, as your Divine point of reference. By this, we mean you have awakened as a soul, you have experienced your membership in the community of collective soul, and now you are leading yourself and Yourself out of the dark.