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Receive the Beauty of Your Being

Receive the Beauty of Your Being Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! Greetings to you. I am Teacher and I wish to give you a gift. I flow forth to speak with you in a way and perhaps give you another focus, just for a moment, during your day. While cause and effect cannot be ignored, especially during tumultuous times, participation with your inner wholeness and manner of residing will allow you to be strong and conscious of truth — the truth that all beings are one being. I am not going to enter into a teaching about this. You are already aware — at least intellectually — many of you in your daily consciousness.

A Gift of Inner Nourishment
I wish to give to you a brief gift: just a few moments of inner nourishment. First, take some deep breaths and set aside any and all concerns for the external world. I know this might be difficult, especially because of what is occurring in the cause and effect. You can do this, my dears; just choose. Choose to give your inner soul a moment of nourishment that will assist you in upcoming days and perhaps longer. Again, take a deep breath and choose to let go of any and all attachments to the external world, to any outcome, concern, fear, or anything outside this moment.

Take another deep breath, and bring your focus right into the body, right into you, and right into this moment. Give it a try, and I will participate with you. I will clear the clutter so you can give yourself this gift. Next, I would like you to use your amazing imagination. Imagine that you are viewing a lake, and the water is quite choppy, perhaps from the wind or perhaps from its own movement. Visualize this lake: clear water surrounded by trees and no one on the lake. Take a few moments to imagine this.