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Raise Your Vibration in Any Situation

Raise Your Vibration in Any Situation God through Liane Rich

Here is a lesson in creating: As you create, you send out energy. This energy is then matched by the field, or universe, and sent back to you. Send out love and what do you magnetize to you? Right — more love. Send out criticism and what do you magnetize to you? Yes — more criticism.

What exactly does this mean? It means that the ethers are nonjudgmental. Whatever you request is considered a gift to you. The ethers/field/universe/God-energy simply says, “Oh, she likes criticism, so let’s send her more to criticize.” The things to criticize have always been there in the field, since everything that you could possibly think of already exists. You are simply pulling an idea or thought up out of the field of All That Is by using the thoughts you send out. Think of it as an algorithm on your computer: The more you search for or request a topic, the more results you receive for that topic.

You are the gods of creation. If you want to see something, simply think about it, and voilà — you see more of it. If you continue to focus on a topic or desire, you will see even more of it.