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Phone Calls from the Future — Chapter 10: Protection from Earth’s Violence

Phone Calls from the Future — Chapter 10: Protection from Earth’s Violence A Visitor from the Future through Robert Shapiro

Thank you. What do you want?
Is this someone about the book Phone Calls from the Future?

Yes, the book Phone Calls from the Future. Our people were on your planet not so far in the past, but we were not on the surface. Still, one of our people managed to find a way to an area that is now a cave, due to shifting lands, underground earthquakes, and so on. We came with the intention of leaving a message that might be interpreted by some people. Really, how do you leave a message for people in the future? It’s difficult. But as they were standing at the opening of the tunnel, which over time became a cave, they looked around and decided the best they could do was draw a star map.

They knew the contemporary people of those times would have no idea what it was. They might be interested if it were detailed or colorful, so they used a tool not much different from a laser on the stone inside the cave and tried to make a mark that would last. It was not sandstone or anything like that. They drew a general picture of your solar system with something like a dotted line. For us, this represents the wavy line of our planet, which is in your galaxy. That’s what they did. I do not know if it remains in your current times but if so, it may have been misunderstood, or perhaps not much of it is left.