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Outer Consciousness Connects Inner Awareness

Outer Consciousness Connects Inner Awareness Lynn Buess

At the time this is being written, we are supposed to be out of the virus lockdown by August and doing swimmingly well on our way back to regularity and recovery. The numerical indicators for this month suggest it is not likely that such restoration of freedom has happened — or will happen soon. Unfortunately, it more likely will be one of further subtle restraints.

Resistance grows against the severe handling of this situation by many state and local leaders. Expect more correlations to COVID-19 with the coming of 5G. With unemployment high, the response to crisis soars with more shootings, riots, and managed events of upheaval.

The hidden-agenda propaganda mantra that we are all in this together does not seem to be holding up, as a deeper chasm is building between socialists and patriots, “Trumpites” and the far left, nonmask wearers and mask wearers who report them to the authorities.