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The Next Stage of Human Evolution

The Next Stage of Human Evolution Master Arishya through Rae Chandran

Greetings. This is Master Arishya. Love and blessings to all. It is time for humans to upgrade their view or perceptions to a new and higher level. The planet is in a chaotic state and will be for more time to come. Lightworkers like you can make a difference by holding the light for all. We will present a few tools to raise your vibrations.

These times of crisis on the planet also produce great opportunity for evolution and growth. There is much supporting energy coming to the planet at this time, and there will be a massive injunction of solar light within the next few months. This might cause disturbance in electronic communication. Also, a new energy is being released from the divine director, called the return of light codes. Twelve of these will be placed in the body of Gaia at twelve different locations around the planet.

These light codes correspond to the twelve strands of DNA within the physical and auric bodies. They also correspond to the basic twelve laws of the universe represented by the base mathematical number 12 (the universal base number). Master codes for the evolution of the planet are held in the collective hologram of humanity. These codes are located in the pineal gland of every human being. A sacred place you call Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland also holds this energy.