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New Snow Is on Earth

New Snow Is on Earth The group and the Keeper of Time through Steve Rother

The group: Greetings, dear ones. We are excited to join you this day. You see, from the larger aspect, humanity has now reached a new energy, and we’re very excited to tell you about this. Does this mean that all these challenges you’re dealing with will suddenly go away or that everyone will start coming together in different ways? Well, that’s what we’re also waiting to see. Humanity is going through a collective grief process, which has made itself obvious as people have allowed their own grief to be overshadowed by the collective’s.

People are looking for things to start returning to what you would consider normal energy. Now we are going to tell you that normal these days is quite different from what it was even a few years ago. Planet Earth is evolving, and the societies are doing their best to keep up. That’s part of what is taking place and will continue to play out for some time to come.

You’re the Way-Shower
Today we ask a question: Have you ever been somewhere when fresh snow covered the ground? You could see nothing but white and very little evidence of other people being there before you. You took in the beauty of the pristine scene before you. Then you turned and looked in a different direction, and you saw footsteps where someone had been before you. You felt a little more comfortable, knowing that you had a path to follow in some way.