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Managing Our Elemental Zones

Managing Our Elemental Zones Jacquelyn E. Lane

The zone where your astral/emotional field meets your mental field is where sparks can fly, where an idea triggers excitement, or where thought stimulates an emotional response. Higher still is the zone where concrete reason is met by abstract mind. Here, intuition from the realm of soul or higher self plants inspiration and is received as a subtle realization or a blinding, “Aha!”

At each such zone, different kinds of deva meet, the higher either stimulating or meeting resistance from the lower but always prompting or seeking a response. The zone is not a quiet place for a complacent elemental. The force of emotions triggers responses in the physical body. The force of mental stimulation evokes responses in the emotional body, and the force of the higher mind subtly molds and changes the rational, or lower, concrete mind.

So it goes on, up and up, for our existence does not end at the abstract mind, and at each level, deva are involved. At each level of activity, be it as simple as wanting to move a hand, as complicated as baking a cake, or as complex as finding the answer to a quantum-physics puzzle, our wills elicit responses from the deva of each appropriate level.