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Love Your New Reflection

Love Your New Reflection Inspired Guidance through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Lately, I feel as if I’m enacting an old Hogan’s Heroes TV rerun, where the German guard, Schultz, says, “I know nothing,” when questioned. I can totally relate, because these dimensional sands are a shifting. I consider myself really tuned in to all aspects of life, energy, and light, and still “I know nothing” of how this episode ends. Each time a new layer of truth is caught mid-flight, only a single feather falls to the earth, as the rest of the flock takes off in directions unknown.

Every day, I open my body, mind, spirit, and heart to the future, to what is to come, to what we are creating, and to what is divinely decreed. Yet the incoming image is fuzzy and distorted, like a floating mirage, seen but unseen. So many people seem to be fading as they lose the true reflections of who they are amid the chaos and misperceptions. They seek a peaceful time, a time that no longer exists within this paradigm. They seek who they once were in all their fanfare and glory.

As time progresses, most of those happy, holographic images become like ancient cave drawings that fade in the summer sun. Just like a newly designed kid’s Lego set, we are streamlining, reconstructing, and re-sculpting every inch of our perceptions, building new DNA and life from the ashes of the Phoenix. We were born to be the sons and daughters of light, hope, and a fuzzy future. We were born to believe when no one else does. We are the champions of light.