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Ignite Divine Consciousness as Abundant Flow

Ignite Divine Consciousness as Abundant Flow Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Greetings, beautiful ones. It is a great pleasure and honor to be with you, as we are engaged in what you have come to know as the expansion of oneness. You have grown through all-ness as you come back into the culminating energy of Divine Presence.

Within the culminating energy of Divine Presence, you become the Merkabah of all travel, all light, and all understanding. This Merkabah ignites within your presence of the head as the form of cocreation. Your head has carried the energy of this Merkabah for many, many eons. The head itself has many geometries and energies that open a fluid and forward movement as a stream of divine consciousness.

Many of you are familiar with the golden pyramid that begins with its base at your eyes [figure 1]. Relax and experience your eyes as the base of a golden pyramid. Then the point of the pyramid emits from your eyes straight up through the forehead. It is here that you discover a golden pyramid with great manifesting ability. This connection becomes effortless when focused on and utilized in divine conjunction with your open, ascended heart.