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Evolve Human Awareness with Integrity and Compassion

Evolve Human Awareness with Integrity and Compassion The Collective Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais

In the past six months, humanity has been hit hard with the fear and likelihood of losing family and loved ones due to the virus known as COVID-19. It has brought into sharp focus humankind’s greatest fear: death. This fear includes the process of dying, agonizing pain, not being able to breathe, not being able to say goodbye to loved ones or see their faces one more time, and being alone when leaving Earth. Here is some possible comfort: When ready to leave through death, people are surrounded by their entourage of guides, teachers, angelic beings, and loved ones who have already passed over (spouses, parents, grandparents, children who expired before or after birth, beloved friends, and even brief acquaintances who dramatically improved your life’s outlook just by something they said).

People who have accepted and are prepared emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to leave the planet of humanity will slip into death easily and without much struggle. They will already be mostly out of their physical bodies and into their astral bodies, from which they look from above at their loved ones who are saying their goodbyes. This is also the time to touch the loved one’s hands (unless the person has COVID-19) for the last time in this present lifetime. Touching and talking to your loved ones can calm and soothe them, as it is a loving exchange of heart and soul energy.

There comes a time during the death process when those leaving their bodies will see loved ones who passed away long ago around their beds or above them, helping in their transition. At the last breath, the soul has totally vacated the body it once inhabited.