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Everything Is in Divine Order

Everything Is in Divine Order Donna Taylor

It might be difficult to believe that things are working out perfectly, and that this is all part of the grand plan. However, taking a moment to observe nature and the cosmos will offer some reassurance that there is always order in the universe, God has a plan, and things are progressing in a meaningful, rather than random or haphazard, way. For example, look at the planets, which dance to a perfectly structured rhythm orchestrated by a superior intelligence that holds the universe together. If you want to know the exact position of Venus at any time in the next several hundred years, you can look it up in a planetary timetable (ephemeris). Unlike our transport systems, the planets are never late, do not derail, and don’t have accidents.

Such precise patterns are also found in nature. The tide comes in and goes out at a set time each day, and we can know these times well in advance. The seasons come and go at their allotted times, and the sun comes up at a precise time each day, not when it feels like it.

Perhaps humans have become divorced from this natural rhythm and order. We eat at odd times of day and stay up late into the night instead of taking our cue from the setting sun and settling down to sleep. We keep livestock in conditions opposed to their nature, and we invent increasingly complex and technological ways of living that are alien to human nature. Then we try to control the rebelling forces of environmental nature as though we are in charge, not God.