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The Empath’s Portal: Show Up!

The Empath’s Portal: Show Up! The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

Sarah: In the last transmission from the Heart of the Mother, she made it clear she is speaking to us as spiritual adults. You will notice a different tone in this transmission. She is addressing us as friends who share a mutual resonance, frequency, and understanding. She continues to shower us with high-frequency wisdom and attune us to our true being, because that is what she does!

The Heart of the Mother: I’m waiting for you to show up. Yes, you! How can we relate light to light or heart to heart if you don’t show up? You are an expression of the Divine, just as I am. We each have a unique purpose and a specific set of skills. Your highly perceptive super senses are your skill set. How are you going to show up so that we can create together?

I am a beautiful cosmic being who invites all to live within my heart. My desire is to birth spirit. My children are the infinite stream of heavenly stars that become magical life forms. You are one of those stars! Have you forgotten? I am following my light. Will you follow yours? You can teach the world about invisible communication and universal communion. Your being models the unity that all spiritual beings want to attain. Be the model. Speak for the unseen and unspoken.